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Feel Healthy With Dr. Scott Lear

Apr 20, 2020

Many of us experience anxiety at some point in our lives. It’s a normal response to a stressful situation. But now with the COVID19 pandemic, anxiety is more common and more severe. We have concerns about our personal health and that of loved ones. At the same time, our common outlets for dealing with anxiety, going to the gym, being outside and socializing with others have been restricted, possibly leading to higher anxiety levels.

Joining me for this podcast is Dr. Quincy Young, a clinical psychologist at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver with over 20 years of experience in treating people with anxiety and depression. She has a special focus on people with heart disease and is actively engaged in research and in the training of psychology residents.

During the podcast, Quincy shares her expertise on how to recognize anxiety, how it affects our body and how to manage it from home. In addition, she provides guidance on when to seek outside help.

Some of the self-help resources mentioned in the podcast include the Simply Being app, guided relaxation videos on YouTube and Kelty’s Key online support.

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