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Feel Healthy With Dr. Scott Lear

Nov 11, 2019

We’ve known for a long time that exercise is good for us. It prevents heart disease, cancer and early death. But what if you have heart disease already? Is exercise safe? And what about those stories we hear of athletes who after a life of intense training develop disease? Are they doing more harm than good? The field of sports cardiology offers insight into these and other questions to help you get the most out of exercise.

Joining me for this podcast is sports cardiologist Dr. Saul Isserow who is Director of the Centre for Cardiovascular Health at Vancouver General Hospital. He is a renowned expert in exercise and the heart, and Medical Director of Sports Cardiology of BC (, a unique clinic targeted to understanding the optimal role of exercise in athletes and non-athletes. He was the cardiology lead for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. 

During the interview, Saul describes the role exercise has in maintain health, as well as managing heart disease in both highly trained athletes and the regular exerciser. 

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